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Computational Thermodynamics Server

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Geothermometer applet should display momentarily in its own popup window.

Please be patient. Loading the applet and constructing the GUI may take a while. If you close the applet window and want to run the applet again, just reload this page in your browser.

What does this applet do?

This applet is a pre-alpha release GUI prototype of a user configurable geothermometer. Once completed. theapplet will permit on-the-fly creation of mineral geothermometers by allowing the user to select among internally consistent thermodynamic models for phases, mixing and matching endmembers, until univariant reactions are constructed that permit temperature to be estimated from specified phase compositions and pressure.  Because exchange equilibria are constructed from an internally consistent set of endmember and solid solution thermodynamic properties, any appropriate combination of phase-components may be used to obtain a temperature estimate.  For example, if high-calcium clinopyroxene and chromium-rich spinel are thought to have formed under equilibrium conditions, the user may construct a geothermometer involving Fe2+-Mg exchange equilibria: FeCr2O4 (spn) + CaMgSi2O6 (pyx) = MgCr2O4 (spn) + CaFeSi2O6 (pyx).  Upon inputting compositions of the coexisting spinel and clinopyroxene and a pressure estimate, chemical potentials of endmember components are calculated using the thermodynamic models of Sack and Ghiorso (1991b; 1994c), allowing temperature to vary until the Gibbs free energy of exchange reaction is zeroed.  Our intention is to make this generic geothermometer applet fully functional, providing access to the entire suite of internally consistent solid phase thermodynamic models in the MELTS database (Elkins and Grove, 1990; Ghiorso, 1990; 1997; Ghiorso and Evans, 2002; Ghiorso et al., 1995; Hirschmann and Ghiorso, 1994; Sack and Ghiorso, 1989; 1991a,b; 1994a,b,c; 1998;).  In addition, the newly calibrated Fe-Ti oxide geothermometer/oxybarometer of Ghiorso and Evans will be distributed as part of this applet.  We anticipate that usage will demand a user interface for this applet that allows selection of standardized geothermometer options.  We also anticipate that suitable combinations of exchange equilibria could be constructed that would permit simultaneous estimation of both temperature and pressure, or alternately, a single exchange equilibria could be used for geobarometry given an estimate of temperature.  The alpha-release of this software is anticipated for late-Fall of 2007.

Source code and technical documentation

No documentation or source code materials available until the alpha-release.

References for the geothermometer applet

Thermodynamic properties of phases are calculate from the following published models:

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