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Phase Properties Applet

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Phase Properties Applet should display momentarily in its own popup window. No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.4 support for APPLET!!

Please be patient. Loading the applet and constructing the GUI may take a while. If you close the applet window and want to run the applet again, just reload this page in your browser.

What does this applet do?

This applet accesses the "phase properties" CORBA server at OFM Research Inc. It allows the user to select a phase, optionally input its composition, convert between practical and thermodynamic components, and calculate thermodynamic properties of the phase as a function of temperature and pressure.

Version 3.0 - uploaded August 13, 2007

Source code and technical documentation

Documentation on the use of the applet is accessed from the help button on the user interface. Documentation on coding the client is located on the documentation page. Software for this client may be downloaded from the software page.

References for phase properties

Thermodynamic properties of phases are calculate from the following published models:

  • Berman RG (1988) Internally-consistent thermodynamic data for minerals in the system Na2O-K2O-CaO-MgO-FeO-Fe2O3-Al2O3-SiO2-TiO2-H2O-CO2, Journal of Petrology 29, 445-522
  • Chase MW Jr (1998) NIST-JANAF Thermochemical Tables, Fourth edition. Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, Monograph 9, two volumes, 1952pp.
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  • Sack, RO, Ghiorso, MS (1991) Chromian spinels as petrogenetic indicators: thermody­namics and petrological applications. Am Mineral 76, 827-847

Addition documentation is provided at this link.

The applet will not display! What is wrong?

The Phase Properties applet is written in Java 1.4.2 and utilizes the Swing widget set for its graphical user interface. For the applet to function in a web browser, the browser must have a Java run-time environment (JRE) installed that supports these features.

This applet is known to work on Mac OS X operating systems (vr. 10.4, Tiger) with the Safari (vr. 2.0.3) browser and with the Mozilla FireFox browser (vr. 1.5). It will not function with the Internet Explorer (IE) browser (vr. 1.5.2) or with the Netscape browser (vr. 7.2) under Mac OS X. If you are using Internet Explorer, note that Microsoft recommends switching to Safari as they no longer support IE on the Macintosh platform.

Under Windows and Linux, you will have to update the JRE for Internet Explorer and perhaps for Netscape and Mozilla. There is an excellent web page that provides instructions on how to do this and also a means of testing which version of the JRE is installed in your browser at


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